2022 GYM SHOW – Saturday, May 21st.

The PAX Gymnastics 2022 GYM SHOW is for our athletes to showcase all they have learned throughout the year. There will be 4 gymnastics shows throughout the day including both gymnasts and ninjas. The cost is $25.00 per athlete which will be charged to the card we have on file. There will be no admission at the door. It’s going to be a great day!

  • All participating athletes must register for the 2022 GYM SHOW at PAXGymnastics.com.
  • Locate your class time below for your corresponding GYM SHOW start time.
  • Register your athlete for the corresponding show by clicking the correlating registration link.

10:00am GYM SHOW

  • Monday 10:00am Preschool Class
  • Monday 10:50am Homeschool Class
  • Monday 4:00pm Flippers (5-7yrs) Class
  • Monday 4:00pm Flippers (8-13yrs) Class
  • Monday 4:00pm Little Ninja Class
  • Monday 5:00pm Twisters Class
  • Tuesday 3:30pm Preschool Class
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Flyers Class
  • Wednesday 5:15pm Twisters Class
  • Thursday 5:00pm Flippers (8-13yrs) Class
  • Xcel Gymnastics Team

11:45am GYM SHOW

  • Monday 5:00pm Little Ninjas
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Flippers (5-7yrs) Class
  • Tuesday 4:30pm Advanced Preschool
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Flyers Class
  • Tuesday 6:15pm Gym Ninjas
  • Tuesday 6:30pm Flippers (8-13yrs) Class
  • Xcel Gymnastics Team

1:30pm GYM SHOW

  • Monday 6:15pm Gym Ninjas
  • Tuesday 4:00pm Little Ninjas
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Hot Shots
  • Wednesday 10:00am Preschool Class
  • Wednesday 4:00pm Flippers (5-7yrs) Class
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Flyers Class
  • Thursday 5:00pm Preschool Class
  • Xcel Gymnastics Team

3:15pm GYM SHOW

  • Monday 5:00pm Flyers (6-8yrs) Class
  • Tuesday 5:00pm Little Ninjas
  • Tuesday 5:30pm Preschool Class
  • Tuesday 6:15pm Flippers (5-7yrs) Class
  • Wednesday 5:00p Flippers (8-13yrs) Class
  • Thursday 5:00pm Flippers (5-7yrs) Class
  • Xcel Gymnastics Team

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