Girls Recreational Gymnastics.


Girls 5 Years Old – 12 Years Old

This is the beginning girls gymnastics class at PAX Gymnastics. The girls in this class will be expected to watch, listen and follow instructions in order to master basic gymnastics skills and body shapes. The Flippers class will focus on beginning strength, flexibility, shaping, safety and gymnastics skills based on the guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics for beginner gymnastics.

  • 1 Hour/Week – $72.00/Month (2020-21 School Year Session)
  • 1 Hour/Week – $175.00/Summer Session (10 Weeks)


Girls 6 Years Old – 12 Years Old

This class is our intermediate gymnastics class. The participants in this class have mastered basic gymnastics skills and are ready for the challenge of higher level strength, flexibility, shaping and gymnastics. Safety rules will continue to be stressed at this level. There is no invitation or evaluation required for this class.

However, participants who register for this class and are deemed not ready by the instructor will be moved to a Flippers class until they have mastered the basic gymnastics skills required.

  • 1:15 Hour/Week – $82.00/Month (2020-21 School Year Session)
  • 1:15 Hour/Week – $195.00/Summer Session (10 Weeks)


Girls 6 Years Old – 12 Years Old

This is our advanced gymnastics class and is geared towards gymnasts who not only have mastered both basic and intermediate gymnastics skills, but are interested in a more challenging learning environment. The participants in this class will be challenged in their strength, flexibility, shaping and gymnastics skills on each of the apparatus. Gymnasts must be evaluated and invited for registration into this class to determine if they are ready for the rigors of the Twisters class.

  • 1:30 Hour/Week – $92.00/Month (2020-21 School Year Session)
  • 1:30 Hour/Week – $220.00/Summer Session (10 Weeks)

Hot Shots

Girls 6 Years Old – 13 Years Old

Hot Shots is an invitation only class. It is geared towards girls that are potentially interested in joining our Xcel Competitive Team Program in the future. This class focuses on more advance gymnastics skills while continuing to challenge the students in their strength, flexibility and shaping as well. The longer class time allows participants more time on each event every week. If you are interested in this class and would like an evaluation, please contact Brigitte Laketa.

  • 2 Hours/Week – $110.00/Month (2020-21 School Year Session)
  • 2 Hours/Week – $265.00/Summer Session (10 Weeks)

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