Preschool Gymnastics.

Tot Time

Coed 1 – 5 Years Old
11:00am-12:00pm – M-F

Tot Time is non-instructional playtime in the gym. It is geared towards parents looking for a place to play indoors with their preschool-aged toddlers in a safe, clean environment. PAX Gymnastics will provide a space with basic mats and apparatus for parents to play with his/her toddler. There will be no PAX instructors on the floor supervising or guiding parents so parents are fully responsible for their child or children. Parents must sign a waiver and commit to a set of rules in order to participate. You do not need to pre-register for Tot Time. Just show up any day of the week, Monday through Friday between 11:00am & 12:00pm and enjoy some time in the gym with your toddler.

Tot Time will end Friday, June 3rd for this session.

There is no Tot Time during the summer session.

Tot Time resumes Tuesday, September 6th for our fall session.

  • 1 Hour – $5.00/Cash per Visit per Walking Child, or
  • $25/Month Unlimited Visits 1st Child & $10/Month Each Additional Child


Coed 1.5 – 3 Years Old
50 minute class

This is a hands on parent participation class. One adult must attend and participate with each child enrolled. Parent/Tot class is geared towards our youngest preschool-aged gymnasts and provides instruction focusing on basic large motor skills and learning to watch, listen and follow instructions. The Parent/Tot class includes gymnastics instruction and fun activities that will introduce toddlers to the sport of gymnastics. Parents that are participating in Parent/Tot classes may do so with an infant (under 18 months old) in some sort of carrier where they are safely contained. Once a sibling reaches 18 months old, they must either join the class and fees be paid for the additional child or be in the lobby area with adult supervision.

  • 50 Minutes/Week – $65.00/Month
  • Parent-Tot class is not offered during the summer session.


Coed 3 – 5 Years Old
50 minute class

These children participate independently. As the children begin to build strength, balance, flexibility, agility and focus, more gymnastics skills are attainable. They will be expected to watch, listen, follow instructions and perform several stations within a circuit independently. We continue to incorporate music and fun, but also raise our level of gymnastics instruction and expectations. Children will work on mastering higher level basic gymnastics skills and body shapes as they progress.

  • 50 Minutes/Week – $65.00/Month
  • 50 Minutes/Week – $160.00/Summer Session 2022

Advanced Preschool – Invite Only

Coed 4 – 5 Years Old
1 hour class

This is an invitation only class. It is designed for preschoolers that have shown exceptional talent in the areas of strength, flexibility and balance.

  • 1 Hour/Week – $75.00/Month
  • 1 Hour/Week – $185.00/Summer Session 2022

Parent / Tot

Wednesday5:30pm - 6:20pmAll1 - 3September 6th - June 2nd$65.00


Wednesday10:00am - 10:50amAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Wednesday10:00am - 10:50amAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Monday3:30pm - 4:20pmAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Thursday3:30pm - 4:20pmAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Monday5:30pm - 6:20pmAll3 - 5November 7th - June 2nd$65.00
Monday5:30pm - 6:20pmAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Thursday6:00pm - 6:50pmAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Thursday6:00pm - 6:50pmAll3 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$65.00
Thursday4:00pm - 4:50pmAll3 - 5February 2nd - June 2nd$65.00

Advanced Preschool

Monday4:30pm - 5:30pmFemale4 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$75.00
Tuesday6:00pm - 7:00pmFemale4 - 5September 6th - June 2nd$75.00