PAX Competitive Team.

Pre-Team – Mighty Mites

Girls 4-5 Years Old

Mighty Mites is an invitation only class. It is geared towards Pre-K, 4-5 year old girls that have shown basic aptitude and talent in the sport of gymnastics. This class meets two days per week and is focused on the beginning stages of gymnastics training. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated, please contact PAX Gymnastics.

Xcel Team

PAX Xcel Gymnastics Team is a competitive program run through USA Gymnastics that is an alternative to the Junior Olympic program. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels, the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. While the commitment is less rigorous than the JO program, the Xcel Program offers a wide range of challenging advanced level skills as your athletes ability advances.

The Xcel Team is a year-round commitment and is by invitation only. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated for our Xcel Team, please contact PAX Gymnastics.